Exceptional transport

A vehicle is exceptional when its running configuration exceeds, for specific functional requirements, the height or mass limitations established in articles 61 and 62 of the New Italian Highway Code. Depending on the size of the trailer, the road travelled, or for particular requirements, exceptional transport must be performed with the aid of the technical escort.

From 24.00 on 28/02/2018, Centro Padane SpA is no longer the concession holder that manages the A21 Piacenza-Brescia motorway section.

From 01.3.2018 requests for the transit of exceptional transport on the sections in question must be submitted to the Centro Servizi Trasporti Eccezionali of Rondissone, electronically through the portal www.teonline.it (subject to registration).

The area office in Cremona, in Località San Felice, will also be operational.

All authorisations issued by Centro Padane SpA will be managed by Autovia Padana SpA, which will process any changes up to the natural expiry of the issued authorisations.

For information or any clarification, call 0372 473211.