Safety and driving licence points

The Customer, in accordance with the rules of the Highway Code, must drive responsibly and use good judgement, thus helping to determine the quality of the service.

Specifically, we suggest customers take note of the following indications that, based on the surveys carried out daily on the national motorway network, are the main causes of accidents:

  • drivers must use the free lane furthest to the right and only use the left hand lanes for overtaking; always signal a change of lane before overtaking, using the left hand indicator to give other drivers suitable notice;
  • always maintain safes distances and always keep the dipped headlights ON;
  • do not drive after a large meal or if alcoholic beverages have been consumed in excess of the limits permitted under current law;
  • if feeling tired or drowsy, stop at the first lay-by, service area or parking area;
  • while driving, do NOT take your attention off the road, do NOT read the newspaper, or watch TV/DVD;
  • do NOT use a mobile phone when driving, especially in heavy traffic, adverse weather conditions and all situations which require special care and attention;
  • in the event of a puncture or vehicle breakdown, try to reach the first lay-by or position the vehicle in the farthest right hand lane, even with flat tire or wheel rim damaged; it is better to wear a tire or a mechanical part than to risk an accident;
  • while driving, do not look for articles in pockets, glove box, bag and, worse still, do not try to recover items that have fallen onto the floor of the car: before performing these actions continue to the nearest lay-by, service area or parking area and then stop the car;
  • do not throw objects out of the window: not only is it prohibited, it is also dangerous for those driving and those in the vehicles which follow. To dispose of waste, go to the nearest lay-by, service area or parking area and use the appropriate containers;
  • adjust the speed of the vehicle according to the indicated speed limit, traffic conditions, weather conditions and visibility, including the possibility of objects falling from the vehicles ahead.