Traffic information

Information is needed by both business and tourist customers: knowing the various conditions that can affect traffic flow and circulation makes it possible to travel safely, while saving time. Autovia Padana uses multiple channels in order to provide useful information for those who are travelling.


For a number of years, the SIAS Group has been in partnership with Radio Monte Carlo, one of the most prestigious, and listened to, radio stations across Italy.

The Broadcaster transmits information over its frequencies with “Autotraffic”, the traffic news broadcast created in close collaboration with the Group’s Operations Centres, which provides regular updates on traffic in the north-west and across the entire nation.

The direct connection with the C.C.I.S.S. also allows the broadcasting of information regarding the viability of the A21 Piacenza-Cremona-Brescia section, as part of the “Onda Verde” areas broadcast as well on Rai Radio 1, Radio 2 and Radio 3, including the public utility station Rai Isoradio.

Road signs

Road works are periodically scheduled in order to maintain optimal infrastructure conditions: in order to minimize the inconveniences they may cause and, at the same time, maintain a high level of safety, they are appropriately indicated and, compatibly with the requirements, planned in periods of less traffic.

Personnel constantly monitor work procedures and road works signs to ensure they comply with current safety regulations.

The “moving arrow” with flashing lights installed on a trailer has proven particularly effective and is used for night time road works: it constitutes a significant enhancement to the already existing road works signage.

Traffic Assistance Units

The Company guarantees continuous traffic assistance thanks to the Emergency Services personnel who patrol the section continuously, 24 hours a day.

The coordination of the service is entrusted to the Operations Centre, which collaborates daily with the Operational Centres of the interconnected highways, the Traffic Police, Fire Brigade and the 118 service and the various Public ambulance services.

Variable Message Signs

Autovia Padana has a network of 39 Variable Message Signs installed along the motorway section and near the various junctions of the Piacenza-Cremona-Brescia A21 motorway, which allow users to be informed about road works, weather conditions, accidents, traffic conditions, and remind them to drive carefully in order to avoid dangerous situations.