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Autovia Padana Service Centers

Autovia Padana’s Brescia Centro Service Center will be closed until further notice.

Notice to Users – 2023 Toll Rates

As of January 1st, 2023, the adjustments to the highway toll rates of the Concessionary Companies arranged by Decrees of the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, in agreement with the Minister of Economy and Finance, will come into effect.
For AUTOVIA PADANA’s share, the adjustment is 9.16%.
Possible variations on the final toll could result not only from increases practiced by some interconnected Concessionaires, but also from the single rounding up or down to the nearest 10 cents, as provided for in D.I. No. 10440/28/133 of 12/11/2001.


Ordinanza n° 21/2019 – Messa in atto dei provvedimenti di chiusura dello svincolo che dalla A4 (Venezia) porta alla A21 (Piacenza)
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