Travel documents


The entry toll booth ticket has a magnetic strip containing information related to the entry toll booth, day, time and vehicle class. This information is required for the correct execution of the toll payment transaction at the exit toll booth.
To this end, the customer is asked to take a few small precautions to avoid losing or damaging the ticket, keeping it within easy reach, without bending or exposing the ticket to heat or magnetic sources during the journey.


If a machine is not working properly, an adequate supply of tickets with magnetic strips containing the necessary entry toll booth information is available at each station, delivered directly to the Customer by the toll collection staff.


The customer can request a receipt of payment at both the manual barrier and self-service barrier. Neither receipt is valid for tax purposes. The invoice for tolls paid by cash or bank cards must be requested directly from Autovia Padana, by contacting for all the relative information the telephone number (+39) 0372 4731.


When the toll is not paid (in whole or in part), a receipt is issued stating the missed payment.
The invoicing of non-payment reports can be requested via the appropriate form.
In case of loss or the failure to receive the entry ticket, a Missed Payment Report is issued at the exit station for the route corresponding to the farthest interconnected station, as provided for by Art. 176 Paragraph 16 of the current Italian Highway Code. The user, however, retains the right to prove the actual entry station.