AUTOVIA PADANA S.p.A. promotes the culture of legality according to a logic of zero tolerance towards behavior that does not comply with the ethical principles adopted by the Company and compliance with current rules and regulations. In this context, the Company has implemented a system for managing reports concerning behaviours, acts or omissions which harm the public interest or the integrity of Autovia Padana S.p.A.

Reports can be made using the alternative methods described below:

  • reporting made in written or oral form via a digital platform (reporting channel considered preferential)
  • reporting made by ordinary or registered mail, confidential and personal, addressed to the Head of the Internal Audit Function or to the President of the Supervisory Body if the Head of the Internal Audit Function is the subject of the report itself (the “Recipient”) at the following address:
    Autovia Padana S.p.A.
    Strada Provinciale 211 della Lomellina, 3/13
    15057 Tortona (AL)
  • reporting made orally, through a meeting with the Recipient.

The reporting management process guarantees, in compliance with the provisions of Legislative Decree no. 24 of 10 March 2023, the maximum protection and confidentiality of the reporting persons, the reported subjects and the subject of the reports, not tolerating retaliatory consequences towards the reporting person.