Highway tolls

What is a toll

A toll is an amount paid by the customer for use of the motorway and is calculated based on the miles travelled, the type of vehicle and the features of the infrastructure.

Specifically, the toll is determined by the unit tariff (per km) charged by Autovia Padana, increased by the amount charged by Anas (Italian law 102/2009), and the number of km travelled; the amount obtained, to which VAT must be added (22%) must be rounded up to 10 cents (Euro).

The unit rate applied depends on the type of vehicle used; the vehicle classification system currently in force is called “axle-height”: that is, the toll is paid based on the number of axles and the outline of the vehicle.

Class A B 3 4 5
VEHICLE CHARACTERISTICS Motorbikes and vehicles with two axles and a height up to 1.30 metres measured at the first axle. Vehicles with two axles with a height greater than 1.30 metres measured at the first axle. Vehicles and trailers with three axles Vehicles and trailers with four axles Vehicles and trailers with five or more axles

Methods of payment

The toll can be paid by the customer in cash or by Telepass, Viacard, valid Bank card or Credit card, which is subsequent charged to a bank account.

No charge is added to payments made by card and a PIN is not required.

Type of road and signs

An exit toll station lane may be enabled for one or more methods of payment (cash and cards; cards and telepass; cash, cards and telepass).

Each lane is identifiable via specific signs:

YELLOW LANES: only for vehicles with Telepass
“Self Service” WHITE LANES: for vehicles paying in cash or by card
“Self Service” WHITE LANES: for vehicles paying in cash, by card or with Telepass
WHITE LANES with “hand” symbol: for vehicles paying in cash or by card with an operator present.

The automatic and self-service lanes have continuous remote assistance provided by an operator who is able to help customers in the event of difficulty.

In the event of unforeseen events in the automatic or self-service lanes, drivers are recommended to:

  • NOT exit the vehicle and NOT reverse;
  • press the button to ask for assistance;
  • follow the instructions provided remotely by the operator.

Upon payment of the toll, a receipt is also issued upon request, indicating the payment method. For telepass users, the vehicle entry and exit is automatically registered without the need to stop and the toll is charged to the bank account.

Esenzione pedaggio

Exempt by law

Pursuant to art. 373 of the Italian Presidential Decree no. 495 of 16.12.1992, paragraph 2 and subsequent amendments, the following vehicles are exempt from the payment of the toll:

  • Vehicles of the State Police, with a “Police” registration plate, and A.N.A.S. vehicles with identification markings;
  • Vehicles of the Carabinieri with a C.C. registration plate and in possession of a vehicle registration document issued by the Ministry of Defence with an annotation of assignment to the Arma dei Carabinieri;
  • Vehicles with a C.R.I. registration plate, as well as the vehicles of voluntary associations, and similar not for profit organisations, assigned to emergency services in carrying out their specific service and provided with a special marking approved by a decree issued by the Ministry of Transport and Navigation and Public Works;
  • Vehicles with V.F. registration plates, as well as those supplied to the permanent Corps of fire fighters in the autonomous provinces of Trento and Bolzano;
  • Vehicles with G.d.F. registration plates;
  • Vehicles with C.F.S. registration plates;
  • Vehicles with POLIZIA PENITENZIARIA registration plates;
  • Vehicles of the Armed Forces assigned to emergency services (ambulances, rescue, etc.) in carrying out their service or following large military convoys;
  • Vehicles of the Armed Forces during emergency interventions and times of public disaster, as well as civilian vehicles with Italian or foreign vehicle registration plates which, within bodies or organizations formally recognised by their respective States of origin, perform transport operations of basic necessities to the aid of the affected populations, following natural disasters or war events, and provided they have a specific certificate issued by the competent authorities;
  • Vehicles of officials of the Ministry of the Interior, A.N.A.S., the Directorate General of M.T.C., the General Inspectorate for Traffic and Road Safety and the Ministry of Public Works, authorised by the traffic police service.

Vehicles with C.P. registration plates (Harbour Master’s Office) and mechanical rescue vehicles authorised by our Operations Centre are also exempt from paying tolls.

Voluntary Associations and similar Organisations

Pursuant to Art. 373 of Italian Presidential Decree of 16.12.1992, the vehicles of voluntary associations, and similar not for profit organisations, assigned to emergency services in carrying out their specific service and provided with compliant identification markings, which must be visible and affixed to the rear of the vehicle, are exempt from paying tolls.

It should also be noted that the right to an exemption exists only if all the following conditions occur simultaneously during transit:

  • The vehicle must be registered in the name of the voluntary association or similar not for profit organisations
  • The vehicle must be used for emergency services
  • The vehicle must be used to perform said specific services
  • The vehicle must have proper markings

Circular no. 3973 issued by the Ministry of Public Works on 05.08.1997, the Circular no. 378 issued by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport on 18.09.2014, as well as the note prot. no. 8758 issued by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, Supervisory Structure for motorway concession holders, of 02.10.2014, have laid out the terms and procedures for the concrete applicability of the aforementioned regulatory provision, providing that the exemption in favour of voluntary associations operates exclusively for emergency rescue/transport, as well as for the free transportation of non-emergency patients.

Where these conditions are met, the voluntary associations can choose to transit using Telepass equipment (a) or in another way (b)

(a) The entire operation will be performed via the appropriate web platform managed by Telepass and Autostrade per l’Italia, making reference to that expressed in the relative Memorandum of Understanding between all Concession Holders.

(b) Toll collection staff are required to request payment of the toll and, if unpaid, a normal unpaid toll report must be issued. A voluntary association, if it believes that the transit is exempt, will have to ask the issuing Concession Holder for the annulment of the toll, declaring its own responsibility for the existence of all the requirements listed above. Please note that the non-payment report will be issued even if the ambulance passes without stopping at the toll booth.


As per Ordinance no. 876 of 13 March 2022 issued by Prime Minister’s Office, Department of Civil Protection, was ordered the toll exemption for Ukrainian citizens coming from Ukraine and for any person coming from Ukraine, entering the national territory as a consequence of the events taking place.

Such exemption will be valid within a maximum period of 5 days from the entry into Italian territory of those entitled.

When arriving at a motorway toll plaza exit of the undersigned Company, please use the manual Pay-toll collection gates, where a duly completed and signed self-certification must be delivered to the collector. The model can be downloaded, in both Italian and English language, by selecting the corresponding icons indicated below.

At the automatic Self-service gates, controlled by a remote monitoring operator, please collect the toll ticket and send it together with the self-certification model to e-mail address emergenzaucraina@autoviapadana.it