Missed payments

During the payment procedure, some issues that affect the normal collection procedure may occur.

  • If the problem occurs at a barrier managed by the toll collector, they will be able to indicate the best solution.
  • If, on the other hand, the problem occurs at an automatic or Telepass barrier, it is recommended to not exit the vehicle and not reverse from the lane, but rather to press the “request help” button, communicating via intercom with the staff in charge and providing the information reported on the receipt issued by the specific receipt slot.

Specifically, where it says “Entrata: Non Rilevata” (Entry: Not Detected) indicating that entrance ticket was not provided: in this instance, the toll will be calculated from the furthest entry toll station, in accordance with the law (Art. 176/16 C.d.S.).

The Customer does, however, have the right to provide proof of the actual entry toll station. Autovia Padana S.p.A. can accept a self-declaration by the Customer (pursuant to Italian Presidential Decree 445/2000) of the entry toll station and carry out subsequent checks as to the truthfulness of the declaration. The self-declaration form is available from the Punto Blu of the Company.

Methods of payment

The amount, without any additional fees, must be paid within 15 days from the date of travel:

  • in cash at the Punto Blu of Cremona
  • in cash at the motorway exits of Autovia Padana S.p.A.
  • by bank transfer IBAN IT44F0760111400001041023977 – BIC BPPIITRRXXX – POSTE ITALIANE
  • by current postal account C/C 001041023977 – Società di Progetto Autovia Padana S.p.A. – Operational headquarters Località San Felice – Cremona

(transcribing the vehicle registration number and the unpaid tool number as indicated).

If payment is made after 15 days from the date of travel, the amount of the toll must be increased by an assessment fee of €2.58 for collection costs (Art. 176/11 bis C.d.S.).

The failure to pay the amount due will result in the forced recovery of the credit, with the addition of relative additional expenses.

It should again be remembered that on the motorway, and therefore also in toll collection stations, it is absolutely forbidden to exit the vehicle (Art. 175/16 C.d.S.).

In the event of a failure to pay the amount indicated, the relative documents may be transmitted to the Infractions Office of the competent Traffic Police Section, for the ensuing request of the administrative sanctions referred to in art. 176, paragraphs 11 and 21 of the Highway Code, for the verified violation of the obligation to pay the motorway toll (which provides for the payment of a sum from € 85.00 to € 338.00 and 2 points removed from the driving licence of the actual offender).


Pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree No. 196/03, we hereby inform the customer that the non-payment of the toll entails the collection of vehicle data that will be processed, both in paper form and by computer, by data processors specifically appointed to manage the recovery of the relative amount from the owner of the vehicle itself.

The Data Controller is Autovia Padana S.p.A., Località San Felice – 26100 Cremona – Tel. 0372.4731.

Customers maintain the rights set out in Art. 13 of the law itself, including the right to access, disclosure, confirmation, communication, rectification, erasure, update or withdrawal

For further information

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